This is where the sun rises 
This is where the sun rises 

This is where the sun rises

Enschede has all the space you need to feel at home.
A place for trendsetters and connoisseurs, with
the Oude Markt as the bustling heart of Twente.
Enjoy a craft beer or handmade
pasta and experience genuine hospitality.
Set out on a fitting room relay together while wandering through charming shopping streets.
Whether you are a retail diva or a bargain hunter.
Stop at the market and try the fried fish or a traditional regional
Come face to face with ancient innovation at Rijksmuseum Twenthe and party until the wee hours at your favourite festivals.
Endless enjoyment awaits.
While peace and quiet also entice you. Breathe the fresh air.
Because wherever you go, you will be surrounded by greenery.
From the beautiful countryside to one of the historical city parks.
Enschede offers unlimited freedom for outdoor people.
Drop by and feel at home. You are welcome.
Sometimes mumbling, but always hearty!